AIRIA Smart Scent Device delivers a personalized scent experience

Price: $219

The next time you have guests over, don’t worry about the way your home smells. Instead, invest in an AIRIA Smart Scent Device. This air freshener offers a personalized scent experience and refreshes up to 2,000 feet of space. That means it can likely handle most of your house. So you won’t need to have multiple air fresheners strewn throughout your living space. Stop worrying about if your home smells like your dogs and let AIRIA use its “lighter than air” micro-droplets to disperse scent all through the house, moving with the natural airflow. The cartridges are interchangeable, no-mess, and easy to install, and you’re able to personalize them through the app. Plus, the scents are safe for cats and dogs. The only downside is that you’ll have to have an Amazon Alexa or the Alexa app to use your AIRIA.