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Smart Vacuum

When you need to clean your floors, using a traditional vacuum doesn’t always get the job done quickly. That’s because you have to take the time to pause in order to add attachments so you can clean beneath furniture, in crevices, corners or along the edges of a room. MORE INFO

Smart Television

Many TV brands have started to switch their focus from displaying cable to giving you methods of using all different kinds of streaming services. Without a smart TV, it can be a bit difficult to do this, because you’ll often need to directly connect a laptop to the TV and pull up each different streaming service manually. MORE INFO

Smart Lighting

One of the last things that you might imagine to be made into a smart device is a light bulb. However, this has become one of the most popular smart home devices in recent years. Lumiman’s smart WiFi light bulbs allow you to control your lights right from your phone, using all kinds of features to allow you to create the perfect lighting for your room. MORE INFO

Smart Cameras

Having consistent and reliable footage of the inside of your house can help you act fast in situations that would otherwise turn bad very quickly. Knowing the status of your house at all times helps prevent things like burglaries from going too far, and even if they succeed, you should be able to have some great incriminating evidence against them. MORE INFO

Smart Bathroom

You could have better lighting installed in your bathroom. You could switch to using another room in the house to accomplish your routines. Or, you could get a bathroom mirror that gives you the right amount of light and doesn’t fog up on you. MORE INFO

Smart Bedroom

Keeping the humidity just right in your house is more important than you might think. If it’s too dry, you’ll run the risk of getting dry skin or even waking up more thirsty because your mouth has dried out.

This can also lead to some issues with congestion and other such problems, and the last thing you want is to be sick. MORE INFO

Smart Lock

By getting yourself a high quality smart lock like those from Ultraloq, you’ll be able to make your house more secure and add a lot of convenience to your everyday life. The Ultraloq smart lock features five different methods of opening up your door, depending on what you’d prefer. MORE INFO

Smart Kitchen

You can tell it what to do by giving it orders such as, “Alexa, reheat the potatoes” and Alexa figures out the correct time and the amount of power to use. So whatever you’re cooking or reheating gets done and uses only the amount of energy that’s needed. MORE INFO

Lawn Care

Watering the lawn isn’t an exact science. You have to constantly figure out how much water you need. You also have to figure out when the weather is too cold to water. And you have to adjust the amount of water you use when the weather heats up. MORE INFO

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