RainMachine Pro-8

RainMachine Pro-8, Cloud Independent, Touch, 8 Zones Wi-Fi/Ethernet Irrigation Controller, Compatible with Alexa

RainMachine Pro-8

Watering the lawn isn’t an exact science. You have to constantly figure out how much water you need. You also have to figure out when the weather is too cold to water. And you have to adjust the amount of water you use when the weather heats up.

That’s a lot to try to juggle to get a great looking lawn and the cost of it isn’t cheap. Watering your lawn using the guesswork method can raise your water bill. You can try to stop the guesswork by sticking to a strict timed schedule.

You can also buy sprinklers that come on at peak times. Or, you can get a device that supplies the amount of water that’s needed at the exact time that it’s needed. The RainMachine Pro-8 knows how to water a lawn.

When the weather turns from a sunny day to a rainy one, the device will take that into consideration and either won’t water your lawn for that rain period or will lower the amount of water it does use.

When it’s cold outside, the system does the same thing. As the temperature rises, the system will adjust so that the amount of water increases. Because of this built in awareness, the controller can lower your water bill, but it can also make sure that your yard is never underwatered or overwatered again.

This keeps your lawn looking healthy and lush and makes sure that your plants get the amount of water they need while at the same time, preventing oversaturation. You can be in charge of determining how you want to cycle the watering.

You can create a schedule that uses only certain days of the week. Or you can set it for the cycle and soak feature. The system can cover 8 zones in your yard. It uses weather information from NOAA.GOV, NetAtmo and more.

By using multiple sources to determine the weather, the system makes sure that it gets the conditions right for your lawn. It doesn’t use stale data either, but checks the data repeatedly throughout the day and adjusts the water based on its current findings.

Because it gets weather in real time, the system automatically changes the water flow or amount immediately. You can use the app to start or stop watering, to pause it or to change the watering zones.

You can control the system from anywhere – and it’s cloud independent, so even if you lose Wi-Fi, the system will still operate. The machines is WaterSense Certified, which means that you’ll save at least 20 percent of the amount of water you’d normally use.

Thanks to the precision of the device, you’ll conserve water and lower the amount that you spend on your water bill. Plus, when you get this smart gadget, you end up with a yard that gets exactly what it needs without you having to guess!

RainMachine Pro-8, Cloud Independent, Touch, 8 Zones Wi-Fi/Ethernet Irrigation Controller, Compatible with Alexa


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