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Smart Home Essentials

Essentials for Smart Home

October 20, 2020 | DIY Smart Home, Smart Home

Smаrt Hоmе оn a Budget: Thе Essentials Pоwеr It’s easy to оvеrlооk thе роwеr needs оf уоur devices. Some реорlе оnlу dіѕсоvеr their роwеr ѕеtuр іѕ dеfісіеnt after buying аnd

Smart Home in 2020: a DIY affordable smart home (Philips Hue, Roomba, Lockitron, IFTTT Alexa)

February 01, 2020 | DIY Smart Home

The Tunes: – Kronicle – So Beautiful: – Johan Lilja – What’s your Name:

My Entire Smart Home Tech Setup

February 01, 2020 | DIY Smart Home

Here’s my entire smart home tech setup that strikes the right balance of affordability and ease of use. Wyze Camera and Sensor Kit – GoSund Smart Plug –

Starting a DIY Smart Home – Ep#1 | Initial Walkthrough

February 01, 2020 | DIY Smart Home

So you want to create a Smart Home? Are you unsure what to do and what to get? Join us on this series when we tackle a new home and

35+ HomeKit Smart Home Devices Launching in 2020

February 01, 2020 | DIY Smart Home

2020 WIll bring us many new HomeKit products. It is only a month in and we already have 35+ products announced to make their debut this year with more likely

How to Build a Smart Home 101

February 01, 2020 | DIY Smart Home

Turning your home into a smart home is easier than you think! You may even have some products that are already compatible. Through this video I will let you know

Smart Home Advantages

Back to the Future 2 vs My Smart Home

February 01, 2020 | DIY Smart Home

Can my smart home do more than the McFly’s? Today I’ll show you several automations and products around my house to make my tech on par with Back to the

$200 Smart Home & Everything You Can Do With It

February 01, 2020 | DIY Smart Home

Today I’m going to show you how to build a smart home for $200. I’ll even take it a step further with specific automation ideas and show you how to