Brilliant Smart Dimmer Integrated Light Switch gives your regular bulbs extra smarts

Price: $69.99

Chances are, you still have some regular light bulbs in your house that haven’t yet been upgraded to smart bulbs. Well, with the Brilliant Smart Dimmer Integrated Light Switch, you can make those standard bulbs more intelligent. This smart switch integrates regular bulbs into your whole smart home system. And if you already have smart bulbs, you can integrate those as well. It’s not just about lights, of course, as this switch can control fans, the music volume, and other Brilliant Scenes. To install one of these switches, you need a Brilliant Control. Additionally, it’s necessary that your home has neutral—or ground—wires, so it may not work in older homes. Available in four colors, the light switch comes in traditional styles such as Black, Gray, White, and Light Almond.