ecobee SmartCamera Indoor Security Camera works with Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit

ecobee SmartCamera Indoor Security Camera

Take steps to better protect your home with the ecobee SmartCamera Indoor Security Camera. Not only will this gadget help you see what’s going on, but it also does it with ease. That’s because it works with both Amazon Alexa and Apple HomeKit, enabling you to use voice control. So you don’t always have to open an app or press buttons—though you can do that if you prefer. Moreover, this Alexa-enabled security cam uses two-factor authentication to enhance privacy. On that note, it has an eight-core processor that can analyze your footage locally. That means this smart camera doesn’t have to send everything to the cloud to determine what it is. In fact, it uploads video to the cloud only when it’s fully armed and detects motion. Recording 1080p footage, this indoor security camera has a 170-degree field of view.