Eufy 2K Battery Doorbell with NO Subscriptions – too good to be true?

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Eufy’s new battery doorbell has some BIG benefits over Ring. There is a lot to like about this doorbell, but there are a few negatives you will want to know about as well.

The original Eufy wired doorbell’s 5-star Amazon reviews show it’s a good option for front porch monitoring without subscription fees. I will test if this battery version is as good as the wired Eufy doorbell, and also compare it with Ring.

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wire for doorbell I used for testing:

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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent the Eufy Battery Doorbell for an unbiased review. Our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced. We have never been paid for any reviews.

10 Comment(s)

  1. Smart Home Solver Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    Thanks for watching! If there’s anything you want to see in the doorbell comparison video then let me know.

  2. Karen Arredondo Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    Thanks for video! So to clarify, this does connect to Alexa?

  3. John Stephen Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    If you’re still monitoring comments on this video, I have a technical question — what communications technology does the base unit use, to send videos and notifications to your smartphone, if you’re out of the house? Does it send the notification and video over the internet, or does it use cellular phone communications to send it? Thanks in advance if anyone can respond.

  4. Dean Jagger Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    I like to know witch door bell has the best color, and clarity, with out a subscription, please.

  5. Truong Nguyen Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    Where is the SD card to store videos?

  6. Chizaram Nwankwo Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    Hi Smart Home Solver, I am in the UK and I can’t seem to get my Eufy battery powered doorbell or outdoor cameras to connect to my Echo show 5. On my Alexa app, it shows “Live view not supported“. Please help!!!

  7. Ankit Joshi Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    First of all thank you so much for your detailed video.

    I do have a quick question / issue on Homebase2 connection to my router.

    I do have tp-link Deco X20 mesh system, when I try to connect my homebase2 with the internet , it has blue blinking light only and then I could see error message “Network Exception, please try again later.”
    With an error screen titled “Unable to add HoemBase2”.
    Could you please help me out? I tried everything reset, unplug power cable, router restart, reset button on homebase2 but it just keep blinking blue led. Help would be highly appreciated ????????

  8. Josh Freeman Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    Maybe a dumb question but I’m just getting into video doorbells.
    Regarding the storage, does the camera save ALL footage? Or is the storage for specific footage you select to be saved?
    Or maybe I’m still wrong and someone can correct me.

  9. Phil Denton Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    Excellent review. Thank you! I sure wish Eufy/Google/Amazon (Home Assistant?) would figure out the notification lag. I was really hoping to use this with Nest Hub or Echo devices.

  10. Luis Pereyra Posted on 2021-08-18 Reply

    Does performance improve when it’s pluged in by wires?


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