Greater Goods WiFi Smart Body Fat Bathroom Scale

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Greater Goods Smart Bathroom Scale

It’s easy to gain weight without even realizing it. You end up with your body fat going up, which can lead to health problems. So you decide that you’re going to try to pay better attention to your weight and you start stepping on the scale regularly.

But then you have to track your weight results. You can manually do this by logging it on paper or a fitness app if you have a regular scale. It’s easy to lose track and if you have a regular bathroom scale, it doesn’t keep track of body composition – and you really need to know that, too.

What you can do is buy a fitness tracker and input that information yourself because they won’t sync with a regular scale. You can try using an online community that has a free tracker, but it would still take time and those have limited features to help you.

Or, you can get a Smart bathroom scale that does the work for you and can put you on the road to better weight and better health. The Greater Goods Smart Bathroom Scale lets you monitor your health in several ways.

It lets you track your weight from the day you first step on it so you can get an accurate view of what your weight is. Not only that, but the device will also track your body fat. Knowing your body fat percentage is a step in the right direction for good health.

The scale also tracks your water weight and BMI. It does this by working with your smart phone. You’ll be able to use your scale to track the data you need. Because the scale is compatible with fitness trackers, the two devices can sync.

The scale is compatible with My Fitness Pal, a Fitbit, Apple Health, Google Fit and more. You’ll be able to keep the results of your weight and body tracking using the Weight Gurus app.

The scale is designed so that weighing during your workout is simplified. Plus, it saves you time because the data can be moved to your device through the use of Wi-Fi. Once you get the scale ready to go, all you have to do is step onto the device.

The sensors will accurately read your results and you’ll be able to check your stats using the app. This will help you keep track of your weight loss and workout goals as well.

The sensors can be used with up to 8 different people through the Auto User technology. You’ll hear a beep each time the device is finished calculating the user’s stats.

The scale has a backlit LCD screen and a wide weighing area. When you’ve decided that you want to lose weight or just track your body stats, you can get a plain bathroom scale. But if you want to save time and keep your stats accurately measured, you’ll want to consider getting a smart scale.

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