Kangaroo Motion + Entry Sensor Home Security Device alerts you whenever anyone enters your house

Home security device placed by a window

All you need is a smartphone and Wi-Fi to get the Kangaroo Motion + Entry Sensor Home Security Device up and running. Simply set it up by a point of entry to your home, and you’ll be notified whenever someone comes in. Or if you’re just curious how often your kids visit the pantry, you can set up this Kangaroo sensor there. You’ll be instantly notified through the Kangaroo app, so, wherever you are, your smartphone will tell you what’s going on at home. In addition to an entry sensor, this device is also a motion sensor. This means it’ll let you know of any suspicious activity going on at home. And don’t worry, your dogs and cats won’t unnecessarily trigger these sensors. Kangaroo has built-in pet rejection technology that recognizes what’s a pet and what’s a potential intruder.