Samsung Smart Things Motion Sensor

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor [GP-U999SJVLBAA] with Slim Design and Optional Automated Alerts - Zigbee – White

Samsung Smart Things Motion Sensor

Today, saving energy is a big deal. There are a variety of reasons to do it, whether it’s for the sake of being more eco-friendly, or just saving yourself money on your electric bill.

One of the most common sources of excessive energy use comes from people leaving lights on for too long, meaning you’ll end up paying more and burning out your bulbs faster.

In order to prevent that, you can simply use the Samsung SmartThings motion sensor. The SmartThings motion sensor can be paired with a wide variety of smart electronics, but one of the most common uses is for lights.

You really don’t need to have multiple lights on all around your house at the same time, but you do need them in the room you’re in. People don’t often leave lights on intentionally – they just happen to forget to turn them off when they leave.

By using a smart motion sensor, you don’t need to worry about turning them on in the first place, so they’ll turn off automatically later. Samsung’s motion sensor is very compact and discreet, so you won’t require a big bulky item to set it up.

Instead, it simply mounts onto your wall, and sends a signal to other smart devices that you have paired with it to activate when you enter the room. When it comes to lights, you’ll be able to trigger your lights to turn on when you come in, and turn off when you leave, saving you energy and money.

The SmartThings sensor can also be paired with other smart home devices. It can give you alerts when there’s movement outside of times that you expect there to be, so you can get a heads up to see if someone might be in your house uninvited.

This feature can be paired with cameras in order to get the camera to start capturing the moment it detects movement, so you can always catch someone when you need to. You can combine this product with other smart home devices in such creative ways.

For example, if you set it up outside, you could connect it with your smart thermostat so that when you’re walking up to the door, it’ll automatically kick on the thermostat and get the house to start cooling down or heating up to where you’d like it to be.

It can even be paired up with Alexa or other smart home hubs for an unmatched experience.

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor [GP-U999SJVLBAA] with Slim Design and Optional Automated Alerts – Zigbee – White


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