The most useful home office furniture you can buy

Bamboo Soul Seat Healthy Positioning Chair in Use

Working from home has its advantages. You get to work at your own pace and balance your home and professional life in a much more efficient way. But there are some cons as well. Prolonged work hours and a sedentary work life can be unhealthy. So we are beginning this week on a fresh note with some of our favorite and most useful home office furniture. 

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There are chairs that can sustain your work hours and others for gaming. There are desks you can assemble in just five minutes and use anywhere around the house. For more amazing furniture, keep reading and create your dream home office today. 

HermanMiller Aeron Chair Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Work in the chair of pop-culture icons when you have the HermanMiller Aeron Chair Ergonomic Gaming Chair. You’ll find this chair in pro-sports lockers and recording studios. With its injected-molded foam, this chair is as comfortable for eight hours of work as it is for all-night gaming sessions. Finally, the Aeron chair is fully adjustable. Get ready to work more comfortably than ever.

Bamboo Soul Seat Healthy Positioning Chair

Another piece of useful home office furniture is the Bamboo Soul Seat Healthy Positioning Chair. This chair helps you stay focused at work since it lets you sit in a variety of positions. Best of all, because it doesn’t swivel, you remain in the proper position. You can even use it at a drafting table.

Floyd Table/Desk Anywhere Surface

The Floyd Table/Desk Anywhere Surface will make your home office functional. And this desk assembles in just five minutes. But don’t let its ease-of-use fool you. The Floyd Desk features real birch plywood with a birch veneer. Also, its steel legs support up to 150 pounds of weight. Best of all, its linoleum is smooth and easy to clean.

VARIChair Pro Standing Desk Chair

Stay active even if you work all day with the VARIChair Pro Standing Desk Chair. This useful home office furniture lets you move while leaning or sitting. It also engages your legs, core, and back muscles. Finally, the VARIChair Pro comes fully assembled, so it’s ready to use as soon as you get it.

Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair

Enjoy complete comfort while working at your desk with the Autonomous Kinn Chair Full Range of Motion Office Chair. This office chair gives you a full range of motion. It looks like a human spine. And, just like the spine, this ergonomic office chair gives you support, freedom of movement, and balance. Even the headrest cradles your head, neck, and shoulders.

Artifox Side Table with Storage

Another beautiful yet useful piece of home office furniture is the Artifox Side Table with Storage. This work desk has dock storage on top for your phone, headphones, and other work gadgets. And since all the cords plug in below, you won’t have cables cluttering your desk. There’s even a drawer for less-than-tidy items. What’s more, with its multiple color options, one will surely match your style.

Bluelounge StudioDesk Advanced Office Desk

Keep your workspace tidy with the Bluelounge StudioDesk Advanced Office Desk, which is another great piece of useful home office furniture. Its table design gives you everything you need to store adapters, cables, and other trinkets. Also, its storage compartment is under the sliding top. This keeps everything in easy reach. Featuring solid birch wood, this gorgeous desk is inspiring to work at.

Varier Zero Gravity balans Chair

Keep your workspace in balance with the Varier Zero Gravity balans Chair. This modern chair is one you can work, play, and relax in. Recline it and keep your feet above your heart. Or have it rock in tune with your breathing. No matter which way you sit in this chair, you’ll feel comfortable. One thing’s for sure: you’ve never sat in a chair like this one.

Artifox Minimalist Desk 02 Black Edition

Featuring a minimalist design, the Artifox Minimalist Desk 02 Black Edition fits in any modern home. Made of solid white oak and pure black ink, this desk has a built-in dock for your smartphone and tablet. There’s even a felt knot to keep your charging cable from falling on the floor. In fact, under the desk is a grid that keeps all of your cables organized. It’s a great item on our list of useful home office furniture.

Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk

Make your workspace much more comfortable with the Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk. Ideal for a home office, this desk features a steel frame that you can put as much pressure on as you like. It’s a great solution if you find yourself sitting all day long. What’s more, with its light or dark wood top, this lovely desk will blend in with your interior. Finally, the 47-inch and 59-inch lengths are perfect fits for small spaces.

Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk

Uhuru Design Frame Rise Sit-Stand Desk and a Woman Working

Are you ready to revamp your home office with some truly useful furniture? I know I am. And I think the Artifox Minimalist Desk 02 is just the desk I need. What about you? Let us know what kind of gear you find indispensable to your home office setup.

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