This self-inflating chair makes it easy to relax and have fun

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair

One of the most significant drawbacks to inflatable chairs is, they’re hard to inflate. Because let’s be honest, no-one is thrilled about dragging out their air machine to inflate a chair, even if it’s for the coolest pool party ever. The machines are heavy and slow. Plus, they can over or under inflate the furniture. But what if your inflatable furniture could actually inflate itself? Then, there’d be no air machine to search for, and your chairs would always have the perfect amount of air. It’s possible with the SEATZAC™ Incredible Self-Inflating Chair.

SEATZAC™ chairs look like brightly colored armchairs. But these armchairs self-inflate with the help of MR EZY, the patented, integrated air pump. MR EZY fills the SEATZAC™ in one minute and can even charge your phone or other devices with its internal power bank. And although these chairs are inflatable, they’re pretty comfortable with their ergonomic design that supports the back and neck. You’ll also love SEATZAC‘s™ high-quality, lightweight polyester that you can wash with soap and water. Overall, it’s a pretty incredible gadget.

This ergonomic chair self-inflates

Like I wrote above, SEATZAC™ self-inflates with the help of MR EZY, a built-in air pump. MR EZY is, as its name suggests, easy to use. Just click it once, and your self-inflating chair will—well—inflate. This makes it possible to use SEATZAC™ year-round since, unlike other inflatable furniture, you won’t have to catch a draught of wind outdoors to blow it up. Best of all, MR EZY inflates SEATZAC™ in just one minute. So you also won’t have to sit there with an air pump, for minutes waiting and waiting for your chair to inflate. It’s definitely an item you’ll want to have for your next backyard party.

This self-inflatable chair can charge your phone

I also mentioned that MR EZY is also a power bank, which is a super-cool feature. Because how many times have you been enjoying yourself at a party outside, only to realize that your phone is almost out of juice? Then, you have to run inside, find an outlet, and stay near it for the next 15 minutes or so, until you get a decent amount of charge. By that time, you missed that great conversation everyone was having.

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair With a Person Lounging Outside

Experience a comfortable inflatable chair

Unfortunately, inflatable furniture has a bad rap for being uncomfortable. But not SEATZAC™. This self-inflating chair has an ergonomic curve design that supports your back and neck when you sit down. This design also makes the chair stable and helps prevent you from rolling out, which is something no one wants happening to them at a pool party.

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair Outside

This is a portable chair you can take anywhere

Want a comfortable spot to sit while you’re hiking or camping? SEATZAC™ weighs just 920 grams, so you can use it to, as the company’s Kickstarter page suggests, “…create your chill spot whenever and wherever you are.” So, you’ll never have to sit on hard seats at your nephew’s little league games again or wonder where you and your friends are going to park yourselves at that picnic you want to organize. Just get a few of these self-inflating chairs, and you should be set.

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair With a Person Near a Beach

This outdoor chair has a long-lasting battery

Don’t worry; this self-inflating chair isn’t one more device you’ll have to charge every night. MR EZY holds a 2600 mAh lithium power bank that’s rechargeable through a micro USB Charging Port. It’s charging indicator turns green when the power bank has a full battery, which should be enough to inflate SEATZAC™ products 20-30 times. And, as I wrote above, this portable power bank also charges your devices.

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair With a Group of Friends Outdoors

Chill out wherever you like

Probably the best feature of this self-inflating chair is its versatility. These chairs make an excellent addition to pool parties, sporting events, picnics, and get-togethers of all kinds. If you can sit at it, you can take the SEATZAC™ to it.

These self-inflating chairs offer a great alternative to your typical inflatable chair. They inflate at just the click of a button, feature an ergonomic design, and can even charge your smartphone. What’s not to love about that? And, these chairs make it so much easier to organize seating for any party. What’s more, SEATZAC™ chairs come in four colors: Sky Blue, Cherry Red, Candy Pink, and Classic Black to add personality to all of your gatherings, including those fall and winter sports gatherings I’m sure you’re thinking about right now.

The SEATZAC™ Incredible Self-Inflating Chair costs $50.36. You can preorder it on Indiegogo.

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair

SEATZAC Incredible Self-Inflating Chair With a Group of Friends Near a Pool