Video: Loxone V12 App & Config Hands More Power to Smart Home Owners

Loxone Miniserver

In this video Tyron Cosway takes a look at the top 10 new features being released with new v12 of the Loxone App and Config software.

It’s good to see more power being handed to the user, with the addition of an all new Automatic Designer. This allows rules to be created in the mobile app that include IF, AND, OR logic. Here’s the top 10 in full.

  • 01 All-new Automatic Designer with improved UI & new functions
  • 02 Support for PowerView from Hunter Douglas
  • 03 Support for EEBUS interface
  • 04 ModBus templates for VARTA and ÖkoFEN
  • 05 Reset Function Blocks to default settings
  • 06 Sorting function in the Loxone App
  • 07 Object Linking for Function Blocks
  • 08 Object Locking for Function Blocks
  • 09 Lighting Controller: Presence input for mixing-in lighting scenes
  • 10 Network Intercommunication

Check out the video below and visit for more info