Wemo Mini Smart Plug

Wemo Mini Smart Plug, WiFi Enabled, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple HomeKit

Wemo Mini Smart Plug

The average person spends 15 minutes a day turning various appliances and lights on, then turning them off. If you do this every day, it equals 5,475 minutes a year. That’s a lot of wasted time.

Then if you add the time that you spend double checking to make sure you turned everything off, the number is even greater. Most people double check because they know that appliances and lights left on can raise the electric bill – and that wastes money on top of wasting time.

What you could do is set reminders on your phone. And as long as you get the alarm, and are home where you can take care of it, that’s great. You can also leave yourself a note to shut everything off.

When it’s a light, you’re out a little bit of money. But if you forget to shut off a curling iron or the iron for your clothes, then it’s more than just wasting time. You run the risk of starting a fire.

So you could leave reminders for yourself just to be safe. Or, you could get a smart plug that can turn off appliances and lights even when you’re not home. The Wemo Mini Smart Plug is a great little device that puts you in control regardless of whether or not you’re home.

There are no subscriptions to join, no fees and it’s easy to install. All you have to do is get the app. Then you can control the lights or appliances with a single touch. You can do this right from your smart phone.

Or, you can use voice assistance. The device is compatible with Alexa, Apple Home Kit or Google Assistant. It’s a small device, so it seamlessly fits in wherever you plug it in. Because it’s small, you have the option to use two of them at the same time in one outlet.

You will need to make sure that you have Wi-Fi at home or wherever you use the plug. One of the features the device has is it allows you to automatically schedule whatever you want.

This means that when you get home after dark, you don’t have to walk inside to complete darkness. The device will turn the lights on before you arrive. If you don’t like walking into a warm house, you can have the plug turn on a fan.

You can also set it to turn on lamps whenever you want or you can allow them to follow the natural day by turning on when the sun rises or sets. Another feature it offers is the ability to turn the lights on at random times.

Using the Away Mode, the plug will switch the lights on periodically so no one can tell that you’re not there. Getting this device can free you from the worry of accidentally leaving the house with a device left on that you meant to turn off. It can also save you money as well as energy and time.

Wemo Mini Smart Plug, WiFi Enabled, Works with Alexa, Google Assistant & Apple HomeKit


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