Wyze Outdoor Starter Bundle Weather-Resistant Camera features motion detection

Wyze Outdoor Starter Bundle Weather-Resistant Camera

Stay safe when you’re inside and outside of your home with the Wyze Outdoor Starter Bundle Weather-Resistant Camera. This weather-resistant camera captures animals and people with motion-activated videos and then sends you an alert. It detects moving objects using passive infrared. In fact, this feature also reduces any false alerts from things like blowing leaves. Keep all areas of your home safe by connecting up to four cameras if you have a larger space to cover. You can then view and record videos via the Wyze app. In fact, all recordings automatically save to the cloud for two weeks for free. So this gadget isn’t just for safety, but also for convenience. Use the two-way audio system to speak to guests at your door. Alternatively, you can use this feature to communicate with unwanted guests without leaving your home. Either way, you’ll feel safe and comfortable.


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