Aberlite Pro beard and hair straightener works in just 2 minutes

Aberlite Pro Beard and Hair Straightener

In just two minutes, you can have a super straight beard. If you have the Aberlite Pro beard and hair straightener, that is. After using this negative ion conditioning device, your hair will be nicely detangled. Plus, this purpose-built beard straightener keeps your hair healthy. That’s because it uses two-millimeter anti-scald comb tooth technology, which lets you get close to your roots without burning your hair. In fact, through advanced PTC heating technology, it emits efficient, consistent heat. And you can choose from eight different heat settings. Designed for all types of beards and hair, this gadget works with facial hair of any thickness and length. What’s more, its four-column bristles are tightly packed together so you get a secure hold on your facial hair. Don’t worry, the tension is pain-free and creates a great, straight result. Use this beard and hair straightener on your hair, too, for all-around style.