eero Pro Mesh WiFi system

eero Pro Mesh WiFi System - Fast, reliable WiFi for 2-4 bedroom homes

eero Pro Mesh WiFi system

Whether you work from home or use your Internet for personal usage, you need Wi-Fi that you can depend on. But many home systems only have so much reach. If you want to leave the room where the router is, then you end up losing the signal if you’re using Wi-Fi on your phone or you end up having your streaming entertainment constantly buffering.

You don’t need that inconvenience. To solve the problem, you could buy two traditional Wi-Fi systems, and set them up in two different rooms, but these all work the same. They’re designed to give great service in the room they’re set up in, but the further away from the signal you go, the weaker the signal becomes.

You can buy an antenna for your devices. Or, you could invest in a mesh Wi-Fi system.
The eero Pro mesh WiFi system uses a router that hooks up with your modem. This gives you plenty of Wi-Fi power boosting.

But, to make sure that you get this same capability throughout your house, the system also comes with satellite modules. You put these in different rooms in your house. They then make sure that you get strong Wi-Fi no matter where you are in your home.

This mesh system works based on a wireless network so they’re all one Service Set Identifier (SSID). This will provide Wi-Fi all over your home with the use of its main router and the two Beacons that come with it.

This device can do the work of your original router, extender and any booster because of the mesh network it uses. It’s easier to use, faster than Wi-Fi and will work with previous generations of eero mesh products.

The main system sends out the signal to the Beacons. The Beacons act as extenders. To get started using them, all you have to do is plug them into your wall outlet. Whatever room you have them plugged into will receive a strong Wi-Fi signal.

Some people refer to them as boosters, but the way they work is better thanks to the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. What allows the device to work so well is TrueMesh technology.

The way it works is by using different wireless access points to give you a combined system. They cover your home so it gives you a strong throughput, regardless of which room you’re in.

Because there’s more bandwidth, you can use multiple streaming devices and you won’t get the Internet lag that you can get with slower, less reliable Internet. It needs to stay plugged in 24/7 and at night, it has a small light on it that acts as a nightlight.

If you want to schedule the times it’s on or off, you can control that through the app.

Get the eero Pro and gain the ability to surf the ‘net, stream movies and music or enjoy video games without putting up with a slow signal or losing it completely.

eero Pro Mesh WiFi System – Fast, reliable WiFi for 2-4 bedroom homes


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