Orbit B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer

Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub, Compatible with Alexa

Orbit B-Hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer

Timing really is everything when it comes to taking care of watering your lawn. If you give it too little water, the grass dies. If you give it too much, you can soak it and create a fertile breeding ground for fungus that will also kill the grass.

If you’re like most people, your life is busy and trying to work a watering schedule in can be pretty stressful. So you end up following a preset watering schedule that wastes water, which means spending money you don’t need to spend.

You can set your lawn up with an automated sprinkler system that’s designed to turn on or off according to a readymade schedule. You can also do periodic soil checks to see what’s going on.

Or, you can get a smart hose timer that’s designed to meet your home’s lawn needs. The Orbit B-Hyve is a smart hose that features easy installation and use. And it protects your lawn from over or under watering.

It’s calibrated to work with Alexa, which not only gives you voice activation, but it also allows it to funnel information about the weather into its setup. This can aid in the creation of the most optimal lawn watering schedule.

You won’t need any fancy setup to use this timer – it can work with a regular hose and faucet. You can use the app that’s made to work with the system. This gives you the ability to use it from your smart phone or other devices.

You’ll have the freedom to turn on or off the water – whether you’re sitting inside your home, are at the office or even if you’re in another state on vacation. You can program the schedule to follow your preferences or you can let the software determine what schedule is needed.

The smart gadget has a feature known as Weather Sense. The system uses this feature to determine what conditions are present in your lawn that should be addressed. It can adjust the water schedule based on the kind of soil that’s in your yard, what type of shade or sun your lawn gets and even the water runoff.

The device is designed to work with other systems within the same group. It has a save water feature which is called WaterSense. This will put money back in your pocket by saving costs on your water bill, but it also allows the system to test, so it knows how much water to give to certain areas and it’ll auto-adjust accordingly.

You’ll be able to keep an eye on how much water you use through the built in meter. The timer has a rain delay function, so no more wasting water during rainy days.

You can expand the system to have as many watering zones as you like, since they’re all managed through one hub. When you get the Orbit B-Hyve, you can have a perfectly watered lawn without wasting your water or your money.

Orbit 21004 B-hyve Smart Hose Faucet Timer with Wi-Fi Hub, Compatible with Alexa


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