This lightweight back brace is more comfortable and stylish

Verteby comfortable back brace

If you suffer from back pain, you know how debilitating it can be. And to complicate matters further, the typical back braces on the market are often constricting and uncomfortable. Many of them are also made of heavy materials, which can be especially troublesome if you live in a hot climate. Thankfully, the makers of Verteby comfortable back brace have developed a product that can help.

Design-wise, this lightweight back brace features a system of air cells and support springs that pad your back and give you the support you need. The fabric that covers this system is breathable and non-toxic. Overall, Verteby has a contemporary look with its wrap-around straps and ergonomic qualities. That, coupled with its pretty Dark Gray and Light Gray color options, makes it a stylish wearable.

This comfortable back support features air cell technology

Imagine a back brace that’s like wearing a system of pillows all along your back. It’s possible because of Verteby‘s air cell technology. According to the company’s Indiegogo page, air cells increase the product’s comfort and breathability along with support from tension springs. These multi-tension springs make twisting and bending easier.

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace on a Man Sitting on a Sofa

Verteby is completely adjustable

If you’re on the petite side or taller than average, don’t worry. Verteby is completely adjustable so that you get the fit that’s perfect for your size. Adaptable traps at the waist, sternum, and shoulders give you the secure fit you need, especially if you’re on the move. And the back support itself is convertible from low to high and from two to 10 tension springs, depending on your needs.

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace on a Woman Sitting

This adjustable back brace is made in Germany

You can also feel good about the quality of this lightweight back brace. It’s been manufactured in Germany in the same workshop and by the same hands as some of the world’s most famous brands. By keeping the production process in Europe, the inventors can easily monitor the factory’s work and ensure that the resulting product meets the company’s high standards. Yes, this results in a more expensive product, but the results are worth it.

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace on a Man Sitting at a Desk

Several types of people can wear this back health gadget

Who can use Verteby? That’s a logical—and important—question. The company’s Kickstarter page writes that a range of people can use this lightweight back brace—that includes people with injuries, those recovering from a workout, or professionals who sit too much. Likewise, people who take medicine, struggle with chronic back pain, or those looking for a natural way to ease their back troubles are great candidates for this back brace.

This spine support is washable

If you’re wondering how you’ll clean Verteby, don’t worry. You can wash it easily in your washing machine. This lightweight spine support has been tested to maintain its shape for over 80 washes at a max temperature of 30ºC (86ºF). So you won’t have to hand-wash your comfy back support to get it clean. Just put it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry, and you should be good to go. How’s that for a cool gadget?

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace on a Woman Exercising

A back brace that’s great for men and women

Back pain doesn’t discriminate between the sexes. That’s why Verteby‘s inventors created a back brace with a unisex design. That’s right; both men and women can wear this lightweight back brace. And with its Dark Gray and Light Gray color options and modern design, Verteby looks great on any outfit.

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace

Verteby Comfortable Back Brace on a Man

Verteby comfortable back brace offers the flexible support that back pain sufferers crave. Having this lightweight support on your back is so comfortable, it’s like wearing pillows. What’s more, it’s adjustable to your size, so you won’t have to worry about this garment not fitting you properly. Finally, Verteby boasts a sophisticated design, something that’s rare when you’re talking about back braces.

Verteby comfortable back brace costs $125, and you can preorder yours on Indiegogo.