Video: Faradite Launch New TAP Volt Free Smart Home Switch

faradite tap volt free smart switch

Faradite have announced a new, improved version of their smart home switch in both 5 gang and 1 gang varieties.

To ensure maximum compatibility with all major control systems we designed the TAP Volt Free range to have 6 volt free outputs. Otherwise known as dry contact or potential free. Essentially what this means is that our keypads can be used on virtually any control system.

The switch is surrounded by an LED halo light which illuminates the outer edge of the keypad. It can be configured to be on or off, or to provide feedback when the keypad is pressed.

There are 6 SKUs available, each with its own fly lead connector. There are 2 universal options, specifically for systems such as Lutron, Crestron, Loxone Tree as well as a Loxone star wired option that includes a 1-wire temperature sensor.

The TAP volt free switch also fits into either an EU round or standard UK backbox. At launch the new range will be available in four colours – Matt White, Brushed Stainless Steel, Brushed Copper and Brushed Nickel.

For more information check out the link and the video below.