Video: Loxone Reveal Nano Motor Controller Air and Tree

Loxone Nano Motor Controller Tree and Air

The latest new product from Loxone is the Nano Motor Controller.

Available in Tree or Air versions, it is a compact flush-mounted module for DC loads. The configurable outputs can be used to control the speed of DC motors for shades, curtains and awnings for example, or to dim LED lights.

You can use the Nano Motor Controller Tree in three different operating modes: Bidirectional motor, unidirectional motor and PWM dimming. In addition, the module has current flow detection and overcurrent detection…

The Nano range of products from Loxone are characterised by a compact design which, when coupled with the know-how of our Partners, enables intuitive commissioning of such components in the field.

With the new Nano Motor Controller Air (100472) and the Nano Motor Controller Tree (100473), we’re expanding this range – now offering the possibility to control the speed of DC motors or dim PWM LED lights.

This makes the Nano Motor Controller perfect for the integration and automation of interior shades, curtains, awnings and motorised skylights and the like. Available in either Loxone Air or Loxone Tree technology, our trained Partners will benefit from the familiar ease of install and configuration that these technologies offer.


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